Do you love fitness & the great outdoors?

We want to help you be at your best! Our Clear Lake studio is steps from some of the most beautiful and unique greenbelt trails and neighborhoods in the Houston bay area, experience nature and indoor/outdoor training “in the huddle”.


  Experience the great outdoors:

We generally spend too much time indoors. Our fitness program allows you to enjoy the sun, fresh air, and all the elements.  It is invigorating and has health and fitness benefits all on its own.

In this self paced program you will learn the benefits of outdoor fitness training, progressions, proper technique in form and function, outdoor adaptations, outdoor safety, and how to use ANY environment for training sessions. We want you to succeed to get the results you are looking for!

We Offer:

Personal Training, Small Group Training, Regular Body Composition Testing, Personalized Programs, Women Only Fitness. Huddle Bootcamp, Clear Lake, TXBoot Camp, Nutritional Coaching, Small Group Training, Private Personal Training, Youth Athletic Performance, Regular Body Composition Testing, Personalized Programs, Indoor/Outdoor Fitness.

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Our mission: To empower and equip our immediate community to better health through an understanding of proper nutrition and sustainable exercise.